Made with MAGIX Students of karate-do mark their progress by undergoing intermittent tests, During the test the teacher requires the student to execute prerequisite techniques and exercises according to the system syllabus. Levels of difficulty are determined by age and experience. If successful, the student may wear a belt of symbolic color as acknowledgement of the ranking attained. In the Yushikan Dojo we use the following method of grading:   10th Kyu = White Belt (no stripe) 9th Kyu = White Belt (one stripe)  8th Kyu = White Belt (two stripe)   7th Kyu = White Belt (three stripe) 6th Kyu = Green Belt (one stripe) 5th Kyu = Green Belt (two stripe)  4th Kyu = Green Belt (three stripe) 3rd Kyu = Brown Belt (one stripe) 2nd Kyu = Brown Belt (two stripe)       1st Kyu = Brown Belt (three stripes)  1st Dan - 10th Dan = Black Belt Being invited to undergo a ranking test is at the discretion of the teacher. Time spent in training is only one criteria for eligibility.  Students do not automatically attempt the next test, but must be invited by the teacher.   In bestowing a grade on a student the teacher considers many aspects and no student should compare him/herself with another. Every person has unique abilities and face challenges with varying difficulties. The intense experience of undergoing a test is very trying as well as gratifying.   The student has the opportunity to demonstrate his/her skills to the teacher as proof of the teacher’s efforts to transfer knowledge. This is rewarding for the teacher and creates a bond of mutual respect and understanding.   Students must accept the outcome of a test with dignity and strive to improve, learning from the comments that will be given during or after the test. Grading Copyright and Trademarked 1994-2012 All Rights Reserved